We all have a certain genre of music that gets us pumped during a workout or for a run. For me, that music has always been high energy dance music! My iPod is filled with Deadmau5, Tiesto, LMFAO, etc but I also have lower energy music that has a meaning to me and really motivates me, especially during a long run.

I was inspired to write this post this morning during my 11.5 mile run; I woke up groggy, sore and tired from my second 5 hour of sleep night in a row (I have a ton going on that all needs to get done by none other than me) and DID NOT feel like running. The only thing that I was looking forward to was running to the new tunes I downloaded the night before. I downloaded my normal Sia/David Guetta “She Wolf”, John de Sohn “Long Time” and Swedish House Mafia “Don’t You Worry Child” but I also put Maroon 5’s new song “One More Night”, Phillip Phillips “Home”, the JT Daly remix of “The Original” by Switchfoot and Florence + The Machine (the Calvin Harris remix) “Spectrum (Say my Name)”. I had an awesome super strong run and I was most motivated by the songs outside my usual genre.

For shorter runs, like Tempo runs or repeat sprint days I definitely do like to fill my playlist with the energy pumping dance music because I’m pushing myself to a sprint pace and I need that extra stimulation to push myself but for my long runs I like to kind of “zone out” and get lost in the music so I mix my playlist with high energy and lower energy songs that have more meaning.

The Phillip Phillips song was one of the songs they played on TV during the Olympics when they would show all the medalists. I was a huge fan of the Summer Olympics this year! I think of all the athletes who worked so much harder than most of us and pushed through hard days to be the absolute best in the world. Then “The Original” is the song they play on the Under Armour “Sweat Everyday” commercial that features all the young hard working athletic women. I love that commercial and that song makes me want to push myself to the limit. Then the Maroon 5 song is about that “certain someone” that is bad for us that we can’t stay away from; running to that song is like running away from unhealthy habits. Then, I just like the Florence + The Machines song, the Calvin Harris remix is awesome plus Florence has red hair just like my son AJ.

Different songs motivate different people so pick some songs that have high energy and pushes you to a fast pace but try some more mellow music that you can get lost in. Be motivated by the meaning you attribute the song to. Both kinds of songs will motivate you in different ways and if you’re like me, the meaningful songs just might push you to go a little faster and a little longer!

Happy running!
XOXO The Glam Runner