Let’s talk beauty!  I’m not the Glam Runner for nothing; I love researching and trying out new beauty trends.  I love talking skin care, hair, make up, nails, you name it, but not all trends are for everyone.

Here are a few new trends and products I’ve found for the fall:

  1. BB Cream:  it’s a moisturizer, primer, anti-aging serum and adds a little bit of color.  It minimizes the number of products you need in your beauty/make up routine and leaves you with a more fresh-faced look rather than too made up look when you wear foundation.  I like Bobbie Brown’s BB Cream.
  2. Nail Art:  there are so many cool trends out there right now for your manicure or pedicure!  Pintrest is loaded with tons of different ideas but you need a lot of talent and patience to be able do it yourself.  You can paint each nail a different color or do the Ombre trend yourself.  Just find 3 colors in the same color family (one dark, one medium and one light shade) and paint the pinky and ring fingers the darker shade, the middle and pointer fingers the medium shade and paint the thumb the light color.  I just did a manicure where I painted all of my nails red and the ring finger pink then topped the ring fingers off with glitter polish.
  3. Undone Waves:  keep your hair natural looking this fall.  It’s easy if you already have wavy hair (just run some styling cream through your hair and go) but it’ll take a little work with the flat iron and texturizing spray if you have straight hair.  Here is a video from Birchbox on how to create waves with a flat iron:   www.birchbox.com/video/how-to-curl-with-a-flat-iron
  4. Bright Eye Shadows:  this fall try new shadows like electric purple, pinks, burnt orange or deep green.  I know I am usually a bronze and green eyeshadow girl but I will definitely be trying some purples, deeper greens and pinks.  Always remember to keep the rest of your make up minimal when you do bright or dramatic eyes.
  5. Plum Lips:  plum lips are in for the fall.  This is one of those trends that work for some but not all.  If you aren’t ready to go for full on deep, dark plum lips dab a little plumb color on to your lips with your finger tips.
  6. Big Hair:  I love this one!  Not only are undone waves on trend for the fall but so is big volume.  If you have heavy long hair like me, you need a root lifter (I like Big Sexy Hair Root Lift and Pureology’s Root Lifter), big rollers and a teasing comb.  I like to curl my hair with a big barreled curling iron then set the curls with large plastic “magnetic rollers” or velcro rollers until my make up is done then tease the top.

Pick out what fall trends you want to try and make sure you feel comfortable with them.  You don’t have to try everything – try what works for you.  There are so many different options out there, I only laid out 6 but there are many more out there.  Check out Sephora.com and Birchbox.com to find out what else is on trend.

XOXO The Glam Runner

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