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We are all very busy people in today’s society!  We have full-time jobs, kids, families, school, social activities and sometimes even a second job – sometimes getting to the gym to get your workout in can be next to impossible.  That’s why I feel everyone should invest in a few pieces of workout equipment so you can get a workout in at any time when the day is too crazy and hectic for you to make your spin or kickboxing class at the gym.

There are plenty of workout DVDs out there. The Beachbody program has many different high energy, popular and reputable programs that really work like Insanity, P90X, Brazilian Butt Lift, the Turbo system, you name it. ( If you’re looking for a coach you can contact Liz Pall on Twitter @ElisabethPall or on Facebook (Elisabeth Pall).

I have a set of 20, 15, 10, 8, 5 and 3 pound dumbbells at home as well as resistance bands.  I also just invested in a Spin Bike for my home a couple of weeks ago. (  Having a few items to get a workout in at home can be a total lifesaver – I know it is for me!  As a single mom with a 1-year-old, a full-time job and plenty of other things to do throughout the day, having that spin bike and dumbbells allows me the flexibility when I have a lot of work to do, when my son isn’t feeling well or when we’re having one of those heavy thunderstorms that happen to pop up out of nowhere.  Lately, I’ve been running in to the problem that my son likes to take his second nap later in the day and it ends interfering with me getting to the gym in the evening.  Then there are those days when I just don’t feel like driving all the way to the gym and having to put my son in the gym’s daycare, which he hates.  Those days, I ride my spin bike after he goes to bed or I’ll do a nice weights session with the dumbbells and resistance bands I have at home.  It’s nice to always have that option in case something goes array or when you’re crunched for time.  Sometimes that drive to and from the gym can be a total time killer.

Having those weights and the motivation to get moving helped me to get workouts in right after I had my son too.  Sometimes I would just turn on some music and dance around my house when my son was napping.  The daycare service at my gym doesn’t allow babies until they are 3 months old and even then you can expect to get called in to come get your child because they are crying, it usually takes a few tried before they last a full hour.  The “Kiddie Gym”, as the gym I go to calls it, will not feed your baby or change his or her diaper so it gets even more difficult.  I was “pumping and feeding” and my little guy was a big eater – he was always hungry.  By the time I pumped, fed him then finally got to the gym it would be time to pump again.  There was a full month, after my mom went back to Chicago, when I didn’t step foot in to the gym because there was never a good time.  I ended up getting a nanny and I was able to run in the mornings and get my weights or Pilates work outs in at lunch time but there were still busy days where I didn’t get my run in or my resistance training in.  It was nice to be able to at least do a weights workout at home once my son went to sleep.  I just wish I would have invested in that spin bike a long time ago right after I had my son – I would have probably lost my weight much faster!

Another great tool to get great workout ideas from is Pintrest.  Believe it or not, there are some great workouts that you can pin and try at home or at the gym.  I have a nice Fitness and Healthy Recipe board (follow my Fitness, Healthy Recipes, Beauty, Fashion and baby AJ boards on  Samantha DeBello).  I am posting some of the tools I found on Pintrest below.  I’ve done both of the workouts and they are killer!  I am also posting a nice graphic that shows 7 items to make the perfect home gym.  I know I will be investing in a few more items myself.  I love the TRX!

I hope everyone got a few good ideas to get a little “home gym” started and to have no excuses to miss a workout!

Happy running and working it out…in a gym or at home!  XOXO The Glam Runner


I’ve done this workout numerous times. I did everything 3 times and I was SORE the next day. Found on



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