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It’s been a while since I last posted to the Glam Runner due to some work travel and a laptop that decided to crash on me but I have my new computer up and running and I’m getting inspired to share more health and fitness tips!

My lapse in fit blogging reminded me of what many of us do with our fitness routines this time of year…we slack and deviate from our normal healthy eating and work outs.  I am definitely not one of those who deprives themselves of a good Thanksgiving dinner by eating mashed cauliflower and skipping dessert…boring!  One meal isn’t going to kill your fitness plan – it’s when you keep all those leftovers and have Thanksgiving dinner and dessert the week after is when you to get in trouble.  Right after Thanksgiving comes those highly caloric Christmas drinks and treats at Starbucks, then the Christmas parties, the baking and Christmas itself!  Then to top it off New Years Eve and Day follow a week later!

It is very hard to stay on track during the holidays but you can DEFINITELY avoid the holiday weight gain.  I am doing my part by training for the Disney World Marathon (January 13, 2013).  I ran 18 miles the Sunday after Thanksgiving and I will run 20 miles the Sunday before Christmas – there is motivation to sign up for a January Marathon!  If you aren’t ready to go for 26.2 miles of fun there are other ways to avoid the holiday jiggle.  Mainly, avoid eating holiday treats the time between Thanksgiving and the New Year.  It’s hard but this month is what does it.  Starbucks has many delicious coffee drinks and treats but keep in mind a White Chocolate Mocha can set you back 800 calories!  I get the Skinny Peppermint Mocha, it’s only 100 calories and it’s sugar-free.  I generally stick to my grande iced coffee with soy milk and 1 Splenda but I can’t resist the Skinny Peppermint Mocha during the holidays.

Don’t drink alcohol at every holiday party you go to.  I know some people go to many holiday parties during the season and indulge in many cocktails; alcohol is 100% totally unnecessary and not only highly caloric but full of empty calories.  Plus alcohol leaves you bloated and lethargic the following day making it more likely that you’ll skip your work out.  I’m not saying to skip it altogether but don’t indulge at every single holiday gathering you go to.  If you do drink alcohol, choose your drink wisely – stay away from the egg nog and sugary punches.

Limit the baked goods.  I used to bake cookies like they were going out of style for Christmas and I would eat half the batch and make more.  I would keep some for myself and eat them all week.  Again, moderation is the key.  You can enjoy some of your favorite holiday baked goods but limit the amount.  If you like to bake and give your treats away like I do, then give them away.  Don’t keep them lying around for you to eat later.

If all else fails on the eating front be sure to stick to your fitness routine and/or add more intense work outs.  Just because you work out doesn’t mean you’re not going to gain weight but working out will keep the weight gain to a minimum.  If you decide to try something new or more intense, there’s an added bonus!  Make time for yourself during the holidays to get your sweat on most days of the week no matter what!  We’re all busy but we all deserve health!  If you skip a work out or have a slack week, that’s ok, there’s always the next day or next week to get back in to it.

There are times to enjoy and indulge during the holidays – just don’t keep the party going the entire season and stick to your workouts and you should be in control!  If that doesn’t work out, the New Year is the best time to lose weight!

XOXO The Glam Runner

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